Hazardous Waste

If correspond all China's environmental sectors to the industry life cycle curve, then the hazardous waste market must have the growth rate with the steepest slope. People use ‘a billion tons of annual waste,’ ‘definite blue sea,’ ‘400 billion market,’ and similar statements to describe the most profitable sectors in Chinese environmental market nowadays. The official data of China's Ministry of Environmental Protection showed that the national industrial hazardous waste production in 2015 has reached 39.761 million tons, and Manufacture of raw chemical materials and chemical products and Extraction of Petroleum and Natural Gas, which are the main source industries, are also in the rapid development stage. Despite the booming growth in the market, there are still unsolved problems: missing data statistics, obvious regional barriers, inefficient operation, monopoly of the giants, etc. What is the real situation of this market? How can enterprises find the balance among all the uncertainties? Welcome to CleanConenct 2017, unpick the confusing issues and find where you are in the ‘Blue Sea’.