Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation is definitely the hottest buzzword in China’s environmental industry. It is the most popular topic of various industry conferences, seminars, and training camps; it is the strategic transformation goal of SOEs, who are called the "barbarian” in the industry; it is the target field of VC, PE and industry investors; it is the common direction of policies and planning; it is the research project of R&D departments and university researchers. The boost of opportunities is undoubtedly a favorable news for enterprises, but few enterprises can survive the competition while most of them become greedy, over-confident and get lost in massive opportunities. Numerous cases warn that opportunities are coexist with danger. Remaining rational and have a sense of crisis is more vital when there seems to be more positive opportunities.

Keep calm when facing opportunities and move on in right directions. Let’s discuss and distinguish the direction of China’s environmental remediation industry from the view of technology, market and cross boarder cooperation in CleanConnect 2017 on 13-14th November, Shanghai.