Waste to Value

For a long time, environmental protection industry was regarded as an industry with negative impacts, which means it not only failed to produce economic benefits, but also condensed the profit of enterprises. Although social awareness has changed to some extent, with increasing attention is paid to the value of environmental protection, but it is still difficult for local governments to balance economic development and environmental protection. Nevertheless, as a matter of fact, there are some sub-divisions in environmental protection industry can directly generate economic benefits. Waste utilization is a typical example. Achieving both environmental protection and profit making enables the business model well-developed and long-lasting. Currently, the recycling of slag, sludge, food waste, e-waste, waste batteries and scrap cars has become the most popular and lucrative sub-division in Chinese environmental protection market. Opportunities are emerging, to grab the market, come and meet Chinese waste utilization enterprises in Cleanconnect 2017.